Myeka’s Book Club

Good news everyone. Myeka’s Book Club will officially be a live book club beginning January 2018. Once a month book lovers from Charlotte and surrounding areas will meet and discuss the book of the month. This will be a great opportunity to network, not only your love for books, but your business, ideas, and brand. Sheena Pickett is our newest member to the group and will help conduct the live portion of the book club. Don’t live in Charlotte? No worries. We will go live via Facebook so you can join us. We will also provide updates so you will always know what is going on. Things to look forward to:
1) The name of the group will change.
2) The location will change monthly.
3) The email for the group will change.
4) We will provide the 2018 book list this month.
5) We have an instagram page: @satiresunday_bookclub.
7) The logo for the group will change.

For questions about the group, send us a quick message. Thanks everyone.



Author, Children’s Pastor Eric Stender

22561049_10215265500737111_1510103017_oEric Stender


Children’s Pastor

Eric Stender is an author and children’s pastor in Huntington, Indiana. I first met Eric when I was asked to do a book review on his first book The Samaritan Perspective. After reading Eric’s first book, I admired the concept he uses as a writer when telling the story of individuals who suffered through betrayal, false accusations, and much more. Eric has always given you an aha moment when he begins telling a story because he puts all his passion into it.

He began writing to deal with peer pressure and other emotions we all dealt with as a teenager. He mentioned that it all started with a green spiral notebook. Most of his writing revolved around life and love. During his senior year in high school he was often teased for being romantic and deep in his writing, but he kept at it. From there, his writing was based on a free thought and each time, the results were inspirational and admired by those around him.  In a college composition class, Eric would present his stories in class, most people in his class would stay to hear what he had written and Eric mentioned how that was really encouraging.

All though he never finished his original book, he took his talent and began to inspire youth through story as a Children’s pastor. His goal is to make the bible fun for them by teaching them how to become the story by acting out different stories of the bible. When teaching the story of Daniel and the Lion’s Den, he told the story from the perspective of the lion, which is an interesting twist to storytelling. From that experience, Eric decided to use that same concept and begin writing books.

When someone is put into a situation where they are betrayed by those they love or a false accusation is put out there about them, it is not an easy situation to deal with. In Eric’s second book, “The Joseph’s Perspective,” he talks about the betrayal of Joseph’s brother’s and how jealousy pushed them to sell him as a slave. Little did they know, he would end up at the top, 2nd only to the Pharaoh/King. Like Joseph, many people go through hard times and during those times, they don’t feel they are able to persevere through to their purpose. It’s takes strength to be humble enough to go through something and stay positive that it will work out for the good.

I admire Eric’s work as writer. He proves through writing his stories that not all is lost even though most is given. Eric is currently working on a third book and he and his wife just opened their first business called Covered in Hope, which is a baby and children’s clothing store. To learn more about Eric, click on links below.

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Check out Eric and his wife’s new business

Author, Mentor MeLisa Calhoun


MeLisa Calhoun



I first met MeLisa when being introduced to her book in my book club. “When I Grow up I Want to Be a Prostitute” is a book about broken promises and shattered dreams. It gives insight on the struggles of African-American women. MeLisa served as a social worker for twenty-five years and during her time as a social worker, she met young girls who encountered horrific ordeals in their lives which encouraged her to write her first book. Her non-profit is called As I Am Girls and she works with girls ages 10 -17. The non-profit targets young African-American females who are misunderstood and gives a voice to those who are stereotyped into one category.

During the interview, MeLisa discussed how she likes to help young girls distinguish between the different emotions they experience by helping them identify the difference between their anger, fear, and other emotions they may not understand the difference between. In certain situations, those in authority fail to understand the reasons behind bad behaviors and irrational behavior. MeLisa’s goal is to change the misunderstanding of the behavior vs child scenario by helping young girls identify the why behind their feelings and helping them find solutions to overcome life’s challenges.

MeLisa told me a story about a woman who approached her years after her first book had been published and discussed with her the book and how it changed her life. She said she was in awe about the situation, but it made her feel good about what she does for African-American women.  As a writer and advocate for young girls, MeLisa wants them to speak out about their struggle with racism, sexual assault and rape, drug addiction, and many other things that affects their lives to help them become who she knows they can become.

Her message is to not become what happened to you, but become because of it. She believes that writing is therapeutic and feels that women should write more. When we write stories about our lives and others’, many people read to not only get advice but to know that there is someone else out there who has gone through similar circumstances. It helps them with figuring out how to overcome their struggles and gives them the confidence to do so by realizing that they too can persevere.


To find out more about MeLisa, check out her website below.

Her second book is available now @

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Author MeLisa Calhoun

Today’s interview was with author Lisa MeLisa Calhoun who is such an inspiration. She empowers women and young girls to be who they are no matter their circumstances. Lisa MeLisa Calhoun‘s story is coming soon to my blog. Check out Lisa MeLisa Calhoun‘s website now @ Follow her page here on Facebook @ Do you know someone with an awesome story. Let me write their story. Check out my blog @



Professional Personality Traits Needed to Be Successful

Professional Personality Traits Needed to Be Successful

Whether you are a model, actor, or a careerist, there are professional personality traits that will not only help you become successful, but help keep you successful. As an instructor of personal and professional development, I often discuss with my students the do’s and don’ts when moving up in their career. There isn’t a single person who goes into something new having all the answers, but they key is wanting to do your best. There are specific things we can do to stand out in our career and help us move up. Below is a list of personality traits that professionals look for in a good employee.

Be kind

You must be able to give respect to get respect. Be kind to those you work with and respect them. Each day, we meet new people with different lifestyles. If you judge others on what they do, you will miss the opportunity to learn their strengths. As a boss or mentor, be sure to listen and understand those you are managing. This will make it easier to work with them and help them reach their full potential. It will also help a manager decide who it right for a position and when they are ready.

Be confident

Good self-esteem can help pick you up and get you through tough times. When you go to a job interview one question asked is, “Why should we hire you?” You should be able to answer that question with confidence. You should get to know yourself daily. Always focus on personal development. This includes handling failure. Even the most confident fail. Recognizing that you’ve failed and accepting it will help with your self-esteem and confidence in yourself. Avoiding failure and not accepting it will hinder your self-esteem. Learn to be confident no matter the situation.

Be a hard worker

No matter what you do as a careerist, you’ll wait, want, and not know. You wait for promotions, you want things to come easier and you never know what to expect each day. No matter what, be prepared and always do your best. When given a specific assignment or duty, the employer is looking for results. Employees don’t always know what to expect, but good employees try to understand what to do, regardless. Give it your all in everything you do.

Be a self-starter

Can you take charge? Being prepared is always key to showing initiative. To prepare yourself means taking care of you. That begins with proper rest, a healthy diet, and exercising. You always need to perfect your craft by practicing, learning, and setting goals. Doing these things will help you do so. The key is knowing much about your career and taking opportunities to grow. When an opportunity presents itself, if you prepare for it, you will be great at it.




Speak Up

16265810_373734936328172_1944204271890323811_nIn this month’s publication I was featured in Speak Up Magazine. Speak Up Magazine gives a voice to the voiceless. When your read the stories of those who are homeless, you are placed in their shoes just for a moment. I encourage you to purchase a copy of Speak Up Magazine to help those in need.  If you haven’t already, check out Speak Up on Facebook. You can also visit their website @

Discovering Happiness


We recently heard on the news that a young man went into an airport, in Florida, and shot and killed five people and injured eight others. At that moment, many people asked why while looking at their television screen in disbelief. What happened at the airport isn’t a new crime nor will it be the last tragic event to take place this year. There have been many tragic events that have taken place in the last decade that are unbelievable. We wish for things to get better and we hope for change, but it starts with us. It starts with you. Everyone, at some point, look for people or things to help us be better. Even though support is helpful, changing personally will help with the process of feeling and being happy. Depending on something other than yourself to be happy will be short-lived. Here are some simple (small) things in life that will not only make you feel happier, but also healthier.

  1. Exercise
  2.  Eating well
  3. Love
  4. Accomplishments
  5. Family and Friends
  6. Hobby
  7. Laughing
  8. Being clean and dressing well
  9. Meditation
  10. A pet
  11. Being independent (making your own choices)

The things listed above could tribute to your happiness, but first you must make the choice to be happy. Happiness is a choice. If there is anything in your life that is holding you back from laughing every day, then let it go.