Thank You Supporters

I wanted to thank those you have been contributing to Project Persevere. We’ve helped many people who are in need and would like to continue to do so with your help. We have collected tons of clothes, shoes, and coats to give to the homeless. We’ve also collected office supplies to continue to teach our professional and personal development classes. My company Direct Consultants, LLC has partnered with Speak Up to give a voice to the homeless and to help them the best way possible in many ways. Again, thank you for contribution to Project Persevere. To make a donation of any sort, give us a call @ 980-313-4651 or visit Thank you in advance.


Speak Up

16265810_373734936328172_1944204271890323811_nIn this month’s publication I was featured in Speak Up Magazine. Speak Up Magazine gives a voice to the voiceless. When your read the stories of those who are homeless, you are placed in their shoes just for a moment. I encourage you to purchase a copy of Speak Up Magazine to help those in need.  If you haven’t already, check out Speak Up on Facebook. You can also visit their website @

Speak Up TV


~ Saturday was the beginning of a new journey. A few weeks ago I joined Speak Up, which is a program for the homeless. We introduced Speak Up TV. We were so excited to interview Velda as our first guest. She has an amazing story. Stay tuned for more about this new journey and also to hear Velda’s story.