Stressed? New Morning Routine for You

All professionals have a routine they stick to for the a.m. wake up call.  However, what do you do if you are stressed out about work, a relationship, or life. There are many things you can do to get your day started instead of depending on your work environment to ease the stress. The list below is all therapeutic suggestions for a stressful morning.



#1 Wake up early

Go for a run or go to the gym


Sit in your favorite spot and sip coffee

Play with your pet

Write in your journal

Read and study goals for the day

#2 Get fresh air

Go for a walk around your neighborhood

Sit on your balcony

Do a project in your yard


Walk to work

#3 Play with your pet

Take your dog for a walk or ask a neighbor to take theirs if you don’t have one.

Cuddle with your pet

Groom your pet

Play fetch with your dog

#4 Read

Read a few pages from your favorite book

Catch up on a book

Read business articles

Read your favorite blog

If a writer, read part of your book

#5 Reflect


Talk to your spiritual being


Reflect on life

Reflect on your daily or life goals

Reflect on what you are grateful for




Project Persevere

Today was great success for Project Persevere. We helped those in need with resumes and many other factors of professional development. Our next class is Thursday, July 28th, 2017 2p.m. until 4 p.m. Project Persevere is located in Charlotte, NC and is open to the public. To get involved, give is a call @ 980-313-4651 or 847-344-1264. To donate to Project Persevere,  click on the link below.

Project Persevere

We appreciate your support. Follow our page on Facebook. 


Different Ways to Wind Down

At some point in everyone’s life, we get stressed and feel overwhelmed. I find several ways to unwind when I have had a long day or I am stressed about something. Owning two companies, having a pet, and dealing with several different clients can be very challenging. The best part about creating my own schedule is I get to choose what I want to do when I want to do it, but these few tips can help those who work a nine to five also.


I am an avid reader. So, I find a good book in my library, one of my favorite websites, or a good magazine, and I read with a cup of coffee.


Running and exercising is one of the best ways to relieve stress and stay healthy. I run twice a day, at least three to four times a week.


Cleaning has always been a good stress reliever for me. From cleaning, redecorating, and even doing laundry helps me unwind and relax.

Go for a walk.

I live in a downtown area where there are many coffee shops, shopping centers, and much more for me to explore. I try to leave my apartment once a day to view a different environment.


Binge watching is the new relationship for singles. Go on Netflix or Hulu and watch your favorite TV show or movie. Include your favorite snack and wine. Enjoy!

Talk to someone who makes you feel good.

Talking to a friend and family member is always helpful whether you are stressed or just need someone to talk to.

Instructor Day 2


I have always had a passion to help and teach others. Day two with my students was awesome. Personal development is key when wanting to be successful. It helps with confidence, goal setting, and life in general. The best part about being an instructor is working hard for something then teaching it to another generation.

Project Persevere


Project Persevere was started in 2015. We started out collecting shoes, clothes, and food for those in need. We will now begin offering classes to teach different skills and trades and also, computer training. YOU Universal is a youth program designed to empower employment and professional and personal development. Like and follow Project Persevere here on Facebook to volunteer and donate to each organization @
To get more involved, contact Direct Consultants, LLC @ SUBJECT LINE: PROJECT PERSEVERE. Thank you in advance.

You Lost Me At Hello By Donna Smith Bellinger


Relationship building is a general importance when it comes to a healthy life and a healthy business. Donna’s book You Lost Me At Hello talks deeply about this topic and how it can make or break your business. Relationship marketing is what she calls it. Donna’s book is a great guide for entrepreneurs to learn about what it takes to be confident in their field, but to also learn the tricks and trades to be successful. Have you ever attended an event and felt out of place or found yourself stuck. It happens to us all. Most of the time, that happens because the voice in our head is telling us we can’t do it or we are not good enough. Below are some of my favorite tips from her book:

Be prepared: You may not fit in everywhere and everyone may not like you, but that is not important. Know your stuff and be confident in yourself.

Build the RIGHT relationships: I think this is great advice. As a young entrepreneur myself, I am still learning how to do this. I’ve had a lot of clients over the years, but only a few years ago did I learn how important it is to get to know your clients and not only their business.

You Don’t Have to Walk Alone, Relationship Marketing is a Group Endeavor

When I was young and starting my business, I had the I-am-doing-this-on-my-own- attitude. Little did I know, I was actually failing myself for NOT asking for help. I did not have a lot of patience for someone to help me. That all changed when I was becoming more and more successful. I was receiving more work than I could handle and I began to fall behind. At that point, I had to make a decision as a business owner to hire the right candidates to help grow my business. You Lost Me At Hello increased my knowledge as an entrepreneur. Now that I have a team, I read and study different things that will help us stay strong as a team and focused. Donna’s book is one of those things. I recommend this book to help grow your company and to help you grow in your career. To order Donna’s book, click on the link below.

You Lost Me At Hello

Check out Donna’s website by clicking on link below:

Donna’s Website

Follow Donna’s public figure page on Facebook by clicking on link below:



Project Persevere

Everyone needs to learn a skill or trade to have a decent living in the world today. I’ve been working with the homeless for years. I’ve fed them, taught them how to write, collected clothes and food for them, and even hosted events for them. Now, it is time for me to do more. My company, Direct Consultants, LLC, along with its employees, started Project Persevere in 2015. We started out collecting shoes, clothes, and food for those in need. We will now begin offering classes to teach different skills and trades and also, computer training. We are asking your help to raise money for office space and materials. We will accept business attire, office supplies, books, and electronics (computers/IPads). Please send to 225 N. Cedar Street Apt. 116. We appreciate your donations in advance.For more information, please contact Direct Consultants, LLC @ 980-313-4651. Click below to make a donations.

$1….$5….$10…$15….$20…$25….Your choice. Anything will help.



~ Earlier this week I joined other amazing people in the community to teach the homeless to write. We had such a great time strategizing ideas and discuss a variety of topics amongst the group.

Writer Enthusiast Pachet Spates


Growing up, writing was my outlet. I love writing and telling stories. I even used to draw pictures to go along with the stories. It was a true passion of mine and still is. That is why the connection between Patchet and I felt so genuine. It was an amazing experience. Pachet is a mother of four and I am sure that writing keeps her sane. Three years ago, Pachet started her company Enduring Ink which is currently a virtual writing boutique. Her boutique gives you the opportunity to purchase writing materials that will help you reflect through writing, journaling, and blogging.

Pachet’s goal for her daughters and other young girls is leading by example. She uses her talents to help others and to encourage them to love who they are and to be who they are. Her experience working in a mental health facility helped her to understand the mindset of others, which gave the ability to understand what they need. I recently signed up for her weekly newsletter that keeps you updated on writing workshops and events and leaves you inspired with weekly inspiration. She’s been writing since age six and the benefits through journaling inspired her to create her brand and it has been one of her biggest, personal accomplishments ever.

As an author, Pachet has published The Optimist’s Guide to Journaling, which is available on Amazon.  It highlights the benefits of journal writing and the different types of journaling. Her recent publication,  Everyday Bible Study Journal,  is ideal to kick start your faith filled journey to building your relationship with God. The journal includes 30 days worth of bible study pages, sermon notes, and additional reflection pages for you. Brown Girls Journal is Pachet next project. This project will focus on women of color. It will guide them through ways to challenge their writing skills and to learn how to use writing as a way to reflect about everyday issues women of color face daily.

I enjoyed the interview with the new mother. I love her updates on her new baby girl. That is something both are going to look back on that will strengthen their relationship. I recommend linking up with her to learn more about writing. Her workshops are very specific and helps with learning the positive benefits of journaling. To find out more about Pachet, click on the links below.