Natural Hair Weekend



This weekend has been all about natural hair and no makeup. I’ve been signed to a new modeling agency which is requesting me to change my hair a bit. I’ve been trying out different natural curl and curl activator products since the beginning of the year. The best thing for my hair and style has been medium-sized flexi rods. My routine starts off with braiding individual plats all over. Then I will twist 2-3 plats together, followed by inserting a flexi rod.


Natural Hair


I’ve really been enjoying my natural hair since last year. I wear my signature look, the “mini” bun often but my goal is to grow my hair longer keeping it healthy. Follow me to see the progress of my hair for the year of 2017.



Weekend Look

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❤ I decided to try a new look for the weekend. How did I do it?

  • I used the following: Flexi Rods, Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner, and water.

The first thing I did was section my hair. I then took pieces of hair at a time, wet them, and then added the mixed chicks conditioner. After that, I braided each piece of hair down to the tip. Once my all of my hair was braided, I twisted each braid into flexi rods. Once finished, I blow dried my hair for ten minutes. Like my new look? Stay tuned for more “new” looks.