Natural Hair Weekend



This weekend has been all about natural hair and no makeup. I’ve been signed to a new modeling agency which is requesting me to change my hair a bit. I’ve been trying out different natural curl and curl activator products since the beginning of the year. The best thing for my hair and style has been medium-sized flexi rods. My routine starts off with braiding individual plats all over. Then I will twist 2-3 plats together, followed by inserting a flexi rod.


Weekend Look

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❤ I decided to try a new look for the weekend. How did I do it?

  • I used the following: Flexi Rods, Mixed Chicks leave-in conditioner, and water.

The first thing I did was section my hair. I then took pieces of hair at a time, wet them, and then added the mixed chicks conditioner. After that, I braided each piece of hair down to the tip. Once my all of my hair was braided, I twisted each braid into flexi rods. Once finished, I blow dried my hair for ten minutes. Like my new look? Stay tuned for more “new” looks.

Short Bangs and Curls

20160116_210609 (3)

❤ I decided to go with short bangs and curls with this hairstyle. I wanted to try something new to bring out my face and give it definition. I love short hair and would rather keep it short. I have tried many styles, but this style is one of my favorites.

Hair: Angel Pates, Greenville, SC

Makeup: Foundation- Covergirl❤ Lipstick – Whisper mixed with L.A. Color lipgloss

Top: Derek Heart