Forbes 30 under 30

OMG! After 10 years of hard work as an Entrepreneur, military service, two degrees, and a successful modeling career, I’ve been nominated for Forbes 30 under 30. This has to be the greatest day of my life. Whether I win or not, I am super stoked right now. I’ve worked so hard and now it is paying off in a big way. Thank you to those who support me and my work. 🙌 Follow me: Myeka Johnson



MJ’s Closet

MJ’s has been hinting bringing apparel to our store. We will no longer be only selling jewelry, but soon you will be able to purchase everyday wear from yoga pants, clutch bags, scarves, and even high end sheer wraps. We are happy to provide high end gifts to our clients and with the holidays approaching soon, we want to help you get prepared to give the best gifts. 19961095_452425608459104_6030682184620374066_n

MJ’s new clothing line will provide products that support every lifestyle. We believe that everyone is entitled to be who they are.


Men’s clothing will also be available at MJ’s Closet.


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This Week’s Workout


This week I have been focused on cardio and toning my legs.

This week’s workout ( 3 out of 7 days):

3 mile run

50 squats every other day

Stretch before and after.

Healthy Tips:

Drink water daily. Always begin hydrating 24 hours in advance.

Stretching helps with preventing muscle cramps and helps the body with its mobility.

This Week’s Workout Routine


Great news! I’ve made progress so far this year. My routines are working. The process to gain lean muscle is paying off. I’ve gain three pounds of muscle and based on my workouts, I been able to cut those pounds very well. As you see in the photo above, the definition in my weight gain has improved. Below are the routines I have completed in the last seven days.

Sunday: Full court basketball

Tuesday: 3 mile run

Thursday: 3 mile run; weight lifting: back 3 x 12 (70 lbs), triceps 3×10 (55 lbs), biceps (3×10 55 lbs)

Sunday: 3 mile run; full court basketball


Sesame Dressing


Saturday’s workout was all about the back. As I mentioned before, my goal is to gain weight and lean muscle. I’ve always had issues gaining weight, mainly keeping the weight on. The number one problem, I was I focused on cardio more than lifting weights.

Pre-workout meal:


Iceberg lettuce

Boiled eggs

Garlic salt

Chopped celery




Sesame seed dressing


Rows 4×10

Flys 3×10

Medicine ball throws 2×20

  • Be sure to begin hydrating 24 hours in advance. I am constantly drinking water daily.
  • Stretch before and after you exercise

Him/Her Workout Day 1

Great health and wellness starts from within. You must have a strong mental attitude to set a goal and accomplish it. Great support helps also. Set your goals and accomplish them. Welcome to 2017.
Ex-football player
Ex-basketball player
Athlete/ Marine
Ex-basketball player
Ex-track sprinter
Her: Weight gain/ lean muscle
Him: Weight loss/ muscle definition

Routine Day #1:


Upper body


Weight: 20lbs – 55lbs *vary per machine

Curls 4X10

Bench press 3X10

Tricep extensions 3X10

Shoulders 3X10


Upper body


Weight: 50lbs-70lbs *vary per machine

Curls 4X10

Bench press 3X10

Tricep extensions 3X10

Shoulders 3X10 Weight: 15lbs-20lbs

You choose your weight amount.

Be sure to begin hydrating 24 hours in advance.



New Year, New Diet


Yesterday was another day on our him/her diet. Since Sunday, we’ve been back to the gym and took a trip to the grocery store to pick up new items for our diet. First off, for our second day of working out for our pre-workout we played a one-on-one basketball game for 15 minutes. This helped us get our blood pumping before we lifted weights. If you are trying to lose weight or gain, you still need to warm up before working out. We’ve already been hydrating for 24 hours before we began working out on Tuesday evening. His goal is to lose weight and gain muscle definition. Her goal is to gain weight and lean muscle.

Pre-workout meal:

One-hour prior

Him: Honey Bunch of Oates with Almond milk.

Her: Nothing


Him: Chest and back

Closed grip bench 4X10/1 set of max reps

Chest flys: 4×12

Rows 4×10

10 minutes of pro-stretching


Lunges: 10 sets forward/5 sets backwards

Dumbbell squats: 4×10

10 minutes of pro-stretching

Pro-workout meal:

8-ounce shake:


Half apple

Half banana

Four strawberries

1/2 cup of cranberries

1/4 grapefruit

1 cup of grapefruit juice

No gym for Wednesday. We will return to gym on Thursday.




Phillip McDaniels


Physical fitness is a very important aspect of everyone’s life. Eating healthy and taking care of yourself is as well. Phillip McDaniels, Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach, knows about how important it is to get healthy and stay healthy.  Phillip wasn’t a big kid. He was teased because of his weight. Phillip mentioned getting picked on isn’t fun and it doesn’t make you feel good about yourself. A good thing being the “little man” is it motivated him to get into fitness. Perfect Fit Fitness, LLC. Phillip’s business focus on personal training, meal prepping, corporate training, and kid’s fitness. For kid’s fitness, he is passionate about it as he asked, “Shouldn’t administrations change the curriculum to help children become healthier?”  When First Lady, Michelle Obama, took office, her focus was to help children become healthier. Studies show that 80% or more of the nation is obese. That is why Phillip has focused on youth fitness training since 2004.

Phillip also knows the needs of working adults. He knows most employees are looking for  lower health cost, increased productivity, and less employment sick time. Perfect Fitness offers all those things to its clients. While talking to Phillip, he mentioned his concern about women and staying healthy. He believes that women would engage in fitness training more if there was instructors instructing them on what is good and not for their bodies. Phillip’s passions were based on his belief that fitness and nutrition are good components to everyday life. Even though he studied social services in college, the things he experienced in life led him to personal training. Watching others turn their passion into a business helped develop a mindset for change. It helped him change his way of thinking.

I enjoyed my interview with Phillip. I’ve always been a huge fan of fitness and wellness. Just like many people, I too care about my appearance and my health. I look to those like Phillip to help reach my fitness goals. To find out more about Perfect Fit Fitness, click on link below.


Follow his Phillip’s work by clicking on link below.