Art by Tracy Crump

An artist out of Chicago, IL drew me as a project for her art collection.



15007960_10209777661050749_891620409_o.jpgI would like to give a huge thanks to Robert A Pioch for allowing me to be a part of his new book Pseudonymity. Robert is a Chicago based artist whose art captures the beautiful personalities of all people. I am lucky to be chosen as one of them. Robert’s book will be available in 2017. Keep your eyes and ears open. Thanks again Robert.

Internship Opportunity

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I love Art!

❤When I am not working, I love doing arts and crafts and many more things. When it comes to art, I can do many things. I paint, draw, sketch, and my favorite is coloring. Yes, I said it, coloring. I do an amazing job with Velvits. They are designed so creatively and each one is different in nature.