City of Charlotte Promo Ad

While shooting this promo ad with the Mayor of Charlotte, Jennifer Roberts, I had the opportunity to discuss with her the different resources available for the homeless in Charlotte. As an advocate for the homeless and helping those in need, her message spoke volume. What she stands for got my attention right off the back. Find out more about her mission by clicking on the link below. Check me out at 0.09 secs. 👮‍♂️👮‍♂️



Latest Workout Routine


When I decided that fitness would be my new year resolution, I knew that the journey would be interesting and fun. I’ve been trying new things to stay in shape and to gain lean muscle. For the past two weeks, I’ve been working out three to four days a week. The workouts consist of playing basketball for 30-45 minutes, running 1 1/2-3 miles, and/or bike riding for 1-2 hours (depending on weather and destination). My weight goes up and down between 135-141, but I’m still gaining muscle definition. I’m becoming more curvy; slim curvy.


Crazy Love Synopsis Chapter 3


“Crazy Love” Synopsis Chapter 3: Would they forgive you?

Would you be disappointed if the person you lived the most told you that they only love you because of what you can do for them? Do we do the same to God? If you feel you have only loved God because of the things He has done for you, then the good thing is that He forgives. Can you say them same for your friends or family members? If they knew you only loved them for the things they provided for you such as food, money, or other materialistic things, would they forgive you?

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Second Book of The Year


Our second book of the year for the month of February is “The Shack” by W.M. Paul Young.
The Genre of this book is Christianity/Self- Help.
I chose “The Shack” to be our next read because a movie based on this book is coming in March 2017.
The Shack is a book where tragedy confronts eternity. A husband and Father is in disbelief when his daughter goes missing. He is restored when all of his questions are confronted by unexpected visitors. You can purchase this book by clicking on one of the links below.
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Books A Million…/William-P-Young/9780964729230


Crazy Love Synopsis Chapter 1/2

Chapter 1: Do we exist for a purpose?

How much do we really appreciate life now that we have it? What if we didn’t exist? Would we matter then? In “Crazy Love”, Francis Chan discusses life and death as if most don’t appreciate it when they have it. Death is inevitable and life is a blessing. It’s all about how we look at it. Not only is it important to appreciate everything in life, but to also enjoy them. To be able to enjoy anything, we must first understand it. Who you are is the most important thing to understand about life. Do you know your purpose here on earth? Once we leave earth the only thing left of us are memories.

Chapter 2: Why worry?

We all know that worrying causes stress, but does worrying mean that we don’t trust God? Worrying causes stress which causes our cognitive thinking to change. We don’t make rational decisions, which can ultimately put us out of character. In this chapter, you will read of great people who chose NOT to give up themselves and God to help those around them.

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You Lost Me At Hello By Donna Smith Bellinger


Relationship building is a general importance when it comes to a healthy life and a healthy business. Donna’s book You Lost Me At Hello talks deeply about this topic and how it can make or break your business. Relationship marketing is what she calls it. Donna’s book is a great guide for entrepreneurs to learn about what it takes to be confident in their field, but to also learn the tricks and trades to be successful. Have you ever attended an event and felt out of place or found yourself stuck. It happens to us all. Most of the time, that happens because the voice in our head is telling us we can’t do it or we are not good enough. Below are some of my favorite tips from her book:

Be prepared: You may not fit in everywhere and everyone may not like you, but that is not important. Know your stuff and be confident in yourself.

Build the RIGHT relationships: I think this is great advice. As a young entrepreneur myself, I am still learning how to do this. I’ve had a lot of clients over the years, but only a few years ago did I learn how important it is to get to know your clients and not only their business.

You Don’t Have to Walk Alone, Relationship Marketing is a Group Endeavor

When I was young and starting my business, I had the I-am-doing-this-on-my-own- attitude. Little did I know, I was actually failing myself for NOT asking for help. I did not have a lot of patience for someone to help me. That all changed when I was becoming more and more successful. I was receiving more work than I could handle and I began to fall behind. At that point, I had to make a decision as a business owner to hire the right candidates to help grow my business. You Lost Me At Hello increased my knowledge as an entrepreneur. Now that I have a team, I read and study different things that will help us stay strong as a team and focused. Donna’s book is one of those things. I recommend this book to help grow your company and to help you grow in your career. To order Donna’s book, click on the link below.

You Lost Me At Hello

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