Art by Tracy Crump

An artist out of Chicago, IL drew me as a project for her art collection.


Forbes 30 under 30

OMG! After 10 years of hard work as an Entrepreneur, military service, two degrees, and a successful modeling career, I’ve been nominated for Forbes 30 under 30. This has to be the greatest day of my life. Whether I win or not, I am super stoked right now. I’ve worked so hard and now it is paying off in a big way. Thank you to those who support me and my work. ūüôƬ†Follow me:¬†Myeka Johnson



15007960_10209777661050749_891620409_o.jpgI would like to give a huge thanks to Robert A Pioch for allowing me to be a part of his new book Pseudonymity. Robert is a Chicago based artist whose art captures the beautiful personalities of all people. I am lucky to be chosen as one of them. Robert’s book will be available in 2017. Keep your eyes and ears open. Thanks again Robert.

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Why Art & Music Should Stay in Schools

Whenever school boards are faced with budget cuts the first thing on the chopping block are the electives courses.

I beg to differ.

Music is more than entertainment. Growing up practicing a few musical instruments, music contains many elements. In music you learn its history. Counting beats is mathematics. Arranging requires organizational skills. Music sheets are dialogues/scripts. Composing involves grammar, spelling and writing skills. Sound engineering and instrument tuning is science. Streamline music and digital uploads requires technology knowledge.

Art covers a wide range of things from crafts to writing to drawing to painting. Just because art isn’t scientific doesn’t mean there’s¬†a lessor importance. As a matter of fact, the arts improve correlation, cognitive skills, and social skills in children. Crafts have helped those who have been in rehabilitation center regain movement of the joints. Arts involve counting materials, following instructions, learning history, and much more! Another thing about art is that it help children who are visual learners and those with special needs.

On a scale beyond the classroom setting, electives can serve as the foundation of career objectives. Not everyone was put on earth to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher, or police officer.

If more people speak out against eliminating electives from school curriculum, decision makers might be less inclined to use electives as a first resort when it comes down to budget cuts.

What are your thoughts? 

Creatively Yours,

Carriece Jefferson

5 Ways to Grow in Crafting

Crafts have played a major role in my life since the days of being a Girl Scout where most of my badges were earned through hobby related projects. Now that my business is in the handmade market, I am constantly learning new things.

Learning a new craft¬†is fun and exciting, but it can also be overwhelming and let’s not forget expensive depending on the hobby¬†genre. In order to grow you have to invest both time and money.

Here are five ways to grow in your crafts:

  1. Tutorials: Online, print, paid or free. Tutorials enables you to learn new tools, techniques, tips, and designs. Instructional materials can be found in libraries, used bookstores, magazines, newsletters, craft related sites, and YouTube.
  2. Meetups: A great source to join groups of individuals who share similar interests. You also have a chance to interact, make new friends, and try new things.
  3. Reading Materials:  Periodicals give insight into the related industry but they also feature articles on industry experts, suppliers, trends, and tutorials.
  4. Social Media: Various platforms have groups where you can ask questions, exchange ideas, share photos, and receive feedback in real time.
  5. Subscription Boxes: These are an excellent way to grow in crafts. Boxes come to your doorstep monthly inclusive of necessary items to complete a project. You save both time and money.


Creatively Yours,

Carriece Jefferson

Why Crafty Hands Club was Formed

Crafty Hands Club is a monthly subscription box service for individuals who want to connect and create through the means of jewelry making. 2012 was the year when I got back into jewelry making. At the time my focus was primarily Chainmaille. Anyone who does chainmaille can attest that it’s a time consuming media. The demand was beginning to outweigh the time I had to contribute, causing me to decline orders.

On a much larger scale I had to ask myself the question: Will making jewelry alone get me to the big picture. The answer was no. For a time, I thought subscription boxes was just a fad but here it is 2016 and they are still around. As a matter of fact, there’s more today than it has ever been.

Why a subscription box?

As a consumer I became tired and frustrated with starting a project only to run out of materials and/or break tools Searching online and driving across the Chicagoland area to replenish tools and supplies took a chunk of my time. What was even more frustrating was a lot of times, stores would either not have items in stock or they were discontinued. That’s when I decided to create a subscription box saving craft enthusiasts money and time by providing them with everything needed in order to complete a single project.

Visit Crafty Hands Club at or follow on social media.


IG: craftyhandsclub

Twitter: @craftyhandsclub

Creatively Yours,

Carriece Jeffeson

Internship Opportunity

Looking to acquire skills to further advance career objective?

We are seeking an intern to perform marketing, social media, administrative, and web maintenance duties. This is an unpaid position with potential of becoming a part time position after six months. 100% virtual with weekly meeting calls.

More details including how to apply can be found here,

Serious replies only.



I love Art!

‚̧When I am not working, I love doing arts and crafts and many more things. When it comes to art, I can do many things. I paint, draw, sketch, and my favorite is coloring. Yes, I said it, coloring. I do an amazing job with Velvits. They are designed so creatively and each one is different in nature.