Independence University – Degree #3

While growing up, I was in an environment where I hadn’t only witnessed struggle, but the mental instability that caused the imbalance of emotions such as insecurity, hate, jealousy, anger, and much more. I was fearful because I didn’t know if I was going to end up that way and because I didn’t have a role model who could show me it was possible to overcome those circumstances and become successful, that I would ever experience what success was. However, I was determined to be better, do better, and to become successful. I’ve accomplished a lot in my life so far, but there were things I had to experience to become strong enough to accomplish what I’ve accomplished. I’m excited to share my journey to success with you guys in 2018. While sharing my journey with you guys, I will be pursuing my third degree at Independence University. I’m excited because I love learning and I get to share my knowledge with you guys. Thank you for supporting me and my work. #2018 #3rddegree #blackexcellence



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