A Piece of Cake Book Review

“A Piece of Cake” by Cupcake Brown
Genre: Biography
No movie
Cupcake’s story is about system failure, societal ignorance, and a little girl who, as a result, resigned to degradation, depression, deprivation, and defeat. The novel provides a first-person account of Cupcake Brown’s triumph over adversity. Brown is raped by her foster mother’s nephew, Pete. Brown provides a frank account of how Pete thrusts a glass of rum and coke into her hand, tells her to drink it and how ‘everything happened so fast’ afterwards. Although the drink makes Brown feel very good at first, she proceeds to relate what she describes as being a nightmare. She also decides that since God took her mother away from her as well as allowing the rape to happen to her, then He must not like Brown very much. She then decides that she hates God. After months of unrelenting abuse, Brown runs away and ends up meeting a prostitute, Candy, who teaches her about life on the streets. This includes how to smoke marijuana, and introducing her to prostitution. Brown ‘turns her first trick’ aged eleven. Her next foster-father, under the guise of “cheerleading practice” traded her LSD and cocaine for oral sex. She moved in with her great-aunt in South Central Los Angeles, where she joined a gang. She narrowly survived a shooting when she was barely 16, and she left the gang. Her boyfriend taught her how to freebase and introduced her to crack. Soon, she was a “trash-can junkie,” indulging in as many drugs as she could find. When she woke up behind a dumpster one morning, scarcely dressed and possibly close to death, she admitted that she needed help. She then attends an addiction clinic, where she embarks upon her road to recovery, which is successful.
“It no longer bothered me or shocked me that men, young or old, wanted young girls. I had been turning tricks since I was eleven. It was always the older men who paid willingly because of my age.” Cupcake Brown
Check out her website:
To purchase ” A Piece of Cake,” click on link below.

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