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MeLisa Calhoun



I first met MeLisa when being introduced to her book in my book club. “When I Grow up I Want to Be a Prostitute” is a book about broken promises and shattered dreams. It gives insight on the struggles of African-American women. MeLisa served as a social worker for twenty-five years and during her time as a social worker, she met young girls who encountered horrific ordeals in their lives which encouraged her to write her first book. Her non-profit is called As I Am Girls and she works with girls ages 10 -17. The non-profit targets young African-American females who are misunderstood and gives a voice to those who are stereotyped into one category.

During the interview, MeLisa discussed how she likes to help young girls distinguish between the different emotions they experience by helping them identify the difference between their anger, fear, and other emotions they may not understand the difference between. In certain situations, those in authority fail to understand the reasons behind bad behaviors and irrational behavior. MeLisa’s goal is to change the misunderstanding of the behavior vs child scenario by helping young girls identify the why behind their feelings and helping them find solutions to overcome life’s challenges.

MeLisa told me a story about a woman who approached her years after her first book had been published and discussed with her the book and how it changed her life. She said she was in awe about the situation, but it made her feel good about what she does for African-American women.  As a writer and advocate for young girls, MeLisa wants them to speak out about their struggle with racism, sexual assault and rape, drug addiction, and many other things that affects their lives to help them become who she knows they can become.

Her message is to not become what happened to you, but become because of it. She believes that writing is therapeutic and feels that women should write more. When we write stories about our lives and others’, many people read to not only get advice but to know that there is someone else out there who has gone through similar circumstances. It helps them with figuring out how to overcome their struggles and gives them the confidence to do so by realizing that they too can persevere.


To find out more about MeLisa, check out her website below.

Her second book is available now @

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