Direct Consultants, LLC

Direct Consultants have been at your service for ten years. We help companies, like yours, reach their goal of getting to the next level by expanding and growing their business. We provide top quality service to our clients to help better serve your clients. If you are looking to expand your business or enhance its quality for potential clients, Direct Consultants can get you there. We specialize in finding the best solutions to solve your business problems and meeting your needs as a business owner.


Established more than 50 new companies in Chicago, IL, Greenville, SC, Atlanta, GA, and Charlotte, NC.
Expanded established companies with more than ten years of business locally and state-to-state.
Executed marketing and capital campaigns for companies nationally and globally.
Increased monthly revenue 50% or more for 100% of companies through Direct Consultants.
Increased monthly clientele 100% for 100% of companies through Direct Consultants.


Refer a friend to Direct Consultants and receive $50 bucks. Do you know someone who wants to start a business? Need a new resume and cover letter? Contact us @ 980-313-4651.

Get a new resume for $50 now thru September 1st.



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