Book Review: The Shack


Book Review: The Shack
Author: W.M. Paul Young
Tragedy can strike at any moment. Mack understood that more than anything. After a family trip, everyone comes back home accepts his daughter. While on a camping trip, Mack’s daughter is abducted by a stranger who is a familiar face at the camping grounds. Prior to Mack’s daughter’s disappearance, similar stories had been reported with the same abductor at the suspect. Mack is going through a parent’s worst nightmare. Returning home, Mack and his wife are at a disbelief about the disappearance of their daughter. They don’t know why it’s happening to them, but God does. Throughout The Shack, God is guiding Mack to seek higher guidance to understand the reason behind why his daughter has left him. He is lead to a place where the answer to all his questions are revealed.
When we go through things, we want to know why it is happening to us. The thought of it possible being our fault runs through our minds. We reminisce on past arguments that were unsettled, past events that changed our lives that were unforgiving. The lifestyle that we are living is now in question. Should we change? Forgive? The Shack teaches us about forgiveness and how to deal with those who have forsaken us. God has a way of changing our perspective, but are we prepared? Do we want to know the truth?

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Books A Million…/William-P-Young/9780964729230



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