Crazy Love Synopsis Chapter 1/2

Chapter 1: Do we exist for a purpose?

How much do we really appreciate life now that we have it? What if we didn’t exist? Would we matter then? In “Crazy Love”, Francis Chan discusses life and death as if most don’t appreciate it when they have it. Death is inevitable and life is a blessing. It’s all about how we look at it. Not only is it important to appreciate everything in life, but to also enjoy them. To be able to enjoy anything, we must first understand it. Who you are is the most important thing to understand about life. Do you know your purpose here on earth? Once we leave earth the only thing left of us are memories.

Chapter 2: Why worry?

We all know that worrying causes stress, but does worrying mean that we don’t trust God? Worrying causes stress which causes our cognitive thinking to change. We don’t make rational decisions, which can ultimately put us out of character. In this chapter, you will read of great people who chose NOT to give up themselves and God to help those around them.

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