Meeting You


~ It’s not everyday that you discover those who are making a major difference. We hear of someone doing a good deed or watch a video of someone being a hero that went viral. Nowadays, we are surrounded by bad news, tragedy, loss, and the unknown each day. I try to avoid negativity and bad news as much as possible, but that is inevitable at times. I would rather start my day with great news and positivity. The first thing I do in the morning is sip a cup of warm and delicious coffee. As I sip my coffee, I think about my day and everything I want to accomplish. As an entrepreneur, I work from home from time to time but I also travel and meet people throughout my day. Here, I met Edward. He had no idea he would impact my life in such a small way. I’ve passed Edward on the street many times, but never took the time to converse with him. I only said hello or have a good day. The day I decided to change the conversation, is the day I discovered what’s next.

I’ve been an entrepreneur most of my twenties. I love solving problems, networking, and closing deals. Lately, I’ve been feeling something was missing but I didn’t know what. I remember going for a walk one day and I saw Edward again. This time I noticed he was holding something in his hands and I was curious to know more. I asked Edward what he was holding in his hands and he explained to me that he sold magazines to help pay his rent. I asked how he was able to do so. That’s when Edward introduced me to Speak Up magazine. Speak Up magazine is a publication that gives a voice to the poor and powerless. It gives the voiceless a voice to speak up and change their lives. I was in love. That was it-I was missing the ability to change lives through writing. I’ve always been a great writer and I’m known to have changed many lives through writing. I knew at that moment I had to begin changing lives through my passion, my purpose.

We all have a purpose to be fulfilled before we perish. The key to discovering your purpose is growing within yourself daily and learning as much about yourself as possible. Discovering something new about yourself constantly helps you become more intuitive with the world and spirit within you. When we are able to do that for ourselves, we are able to do it for others. Speak Up and many other organizations give others the opportunity to change their lives. When we open doors of opportunity to others, then they  will soon begin to get to know themselves better, which will lead to their purpose in life. There are many reasons why people are having a hard time, but one reason is they are not sure what to do to change the situation. It begins from within. You have to be the change you would like the see. It’s good to see the change in you.


2 thoughts on “Meeting You

  1. I met you on this same day that you discovered Speak Up, when you came to the office at Hawthorne Lane UMC. I wasn’t supposed to let you in, because I was there alone, but I could tell that you were a woman on a mission to make a difference. It was clear to me that you were going to do great things in your new city and I now see through your blog that you are on your way. Thank you for sharing these stories and best of luck to you!


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