The Ideal of Self


Self, the psycho-physical unity. We must understand who we are and know our purpose. The more we understand who we are gives us the power to conquer more than expected. Then, we begin to receive more than what was asked. Independency of our emotions and intelligence guide our way to success.

Anyone can run a business, but few can be entrepreneurs. Nine out of ten start-ups fail due to lack of knowledge, being impatient, or bad decision-making. Sounds familiar?  We make the same decisions when it comes to life. Whether you are new to Charlotte, leaving Charlotte, or starting over, each decision you make lead to your success.

Everyone’s definition of success is different, but many will agree that happiness is the end goal. When we are doing what we love and following our dreams, emotional and intellectual stability will get you to the next level in life more confidently. Dr. Myles Munroe said, “Success is completing your purpose before you die.” Anyone can be interested, but the one person who is passionate will win the race.

Life isn’t about living to create a purpose because our spirits hold our true calling. Every morning we begin a new day-we have a fresh start. We get a new beginning for something new with endless possibilities to create change. The new beginning helps us to be greater and more self-sufficient in life. Our strength gives us power and our power come from the courage we have to be who we are every day.

Without stability, emotional intelligence, and courage, who are we? Do you ever ask yourself who you are? Live your purpose. Always be self-sufficient and independent of this world. Live your purpose and be you.


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