Business Coach Shalena “Diva” Davis


Shalena Davis has a very interesting, yet powerful story. I like how she used a tragedy to empower her to start a very successful online business. Shalena owns a coaching business called Shalena D.I.V.A Corporation, D.I.V.A meaning Discover-Invest-Value-Appreciate. She started her online business by simply telling her story to empower women through daily testimonial videos. She posts her videos for women to see how they could overcome tragedy, breakups, financial difficulty, and insecurity. Her overall message was to follow your dreams no matter how hard things may seem in life. I loved Shalena’s confidence in herself and her ability to change her mindset to a yes mindset to make things happen.

The exciting thing about Shalena’s business is it’s all digital. Her business was not only inspired by not being happy with where she was in life, but also by a book she read called, “Secrets of the Millionaire’s Mind.” She learned by reading this book to stay consistent in what she wants to do. In the process of growing her business, Shalena wrote a book called, “FIRE Your Friends: A Woman’s Guide to Becoming Her Own Best Friend.” Her book teaches women how to be their own best friend. Fire Your Friends will teach you valuable lessons to build a healthy relationship with yourself. There’s more. Shalena’s D.I.V.A academy is a platform for teen girls. It’s a teen girl empowerment program that addresses low-esteem. She has been featured on the Dr.Oz show, The Chew, and Bethenny Frankel show. She was also featured in The Cosmopolitan Magazine in November 2013. Shalena has done amazing work with adult women and teen girls. To find out more about Shalena, click on the links below.



Diva Academy

MJ’s Words: Shalena’s story is so inspiring. I admire her strength. What a great interview.


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