Why Art & Music Should Stay in Schools

Whenever school boards are faced with budget cuts the first thing on the chopping block are the electives courses.

I beg to differ.

Music is more than entertainment. Growing up practicing a few musical instruments, music contains many elements. In music you learn its history. Counting beats is mathematics. Arranging requires organizational skills. Music sheets are dialogues/scripts. Composing involves grammar, spelling and writing skills. Sound engineering and instrument tuning is science. Streamline music and digital uploads requires technology knowledge.

Art covers a wide range of things from crafts to writing to drawing to painting. Just because art isn’t scientific doesn’t mean there’s a lessor importance. As a matter of fact, the arts improve correlation, cognitive skills, and social skills in children. Crafts have helped those who have been in rehabilitation center regain movement of the joints. Arts involve counting materials, following instructions, learning history, and much more! Another thing about art is that it help children who are visual learners and those with special needs.

On a scale beyond the classroom setting, electives can serve as the foundation of career objectives. Not everyone was put on earth to be a doctor, lawyer, teacher, or police officer.

If more people speak out against eliminating electives from school curriculum, decision makers might be less inclined to use electives as a first resort when it comes down to budget cuts.

What are your thoughts? 

Creatively Yours,

Carriece Jefferson


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