5 Ways to Grow in Crafting

Crafts have played a major role in my life since the days of being a Girl Scout where most of my badges were earned through hobby related projects. Now that my business is in the handmade market, I am constantly learning new things.

Learning a new craft is fun and exciting, but it can also be overwhelming and let’s not forget expensive depending on the hobby genre. In order to grow you have to invest both time and money.

Here are five ways to grow in your crafts:

  1. Tutorials: Online, print, paid or free. Tutorials enables you to learn new tools, techniques, tips, and designs. Instructional materials can be found in libraries, used bookstores, magazines, newsletters, craft related sites, and YouTube.
  2. Meetups: A great source to join groups of individuals who share similar interests. You also have a chance to interact, make new friends, and try new things.
  3. Reading Materials:  Periodicals give insight into the related industry but they also feature articles on industry experts, suppliers, trends, and tutorials.
  4. Social Media: Various platforms have groups where you can ask questions, exchange ideas, share photos, and receive feedback in real time.
  5. Subscription Boxes: These are an excellent way to grow in crafts. Boxes come to your doorstep monthly inclusive of necessary items to complete a project. You save both time and money.


Creatively Yours,

Carriece Jefferson


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