Why Crafty Hands Club was Formed

Crafty Hands Club is a monthly subscription box service for individuals who want to connect and create through the means of jewelry making. 2012 was the year when I got back into jewelry making. At the time my focus was primarily Chainmaille. Anyone who does chainmaille can attest that it’s a time consuming media. The demand was beginning to outweigh the time I had to contribute, causing me to decline orders.

On a much larger scale I had to ask myself the question: Will making jewelry alone get me to the big picture. The answer was no. For a time, I thought subscription boxes was just a fad but here it is 2016 and they are still around. As a matter of fact, there’s more today than it has ever been.

Why a subscription box?

As a consumer I became tired and frustrated with starting a project only to run out of materials and/or break tools Searching online and driving across the Chicagoland area to replenish tools and supplies took a chunk of my time. What was even more frustrating was a lot of times, stores would either not have items in stock or they were discontinued. That’s when I decided to create a subscription box saving craft enthusiasts money and time by providing them with everything needed in order to complete a single project.

Visit Crafty Hands Club at www.craftyhandsclub.com or follow on social media.

FB: www.facebook.com/CHCSubscriptionBox

IG: craftyhandsclub

Twitter: @craftyhandsclub

Creatively Yours,

Carriece Jeffeson


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