Respect My Name

A little over two decades before I was born the What’s My Name boxing match between the lates Muhammad Ali and Ernie Terrell is still memorable with most fans to this day. My first mind thought it was petty to inflict physical brutality against someone over a name.

Now I understand.

Ali told his opponent during promos several times what his new name was but Terrell chose to ignore the fact. I’m not advocating that we should go out and give people a TKO over a name being mispronounced but it’ does comes down to respect.

I can’t tell you the number of times that people intentionally or unintentionally mispronounced it. For years I didn’t bother to correct anyone until something clicked. I started listening to the pitch and tones used whenever my name was uttered.

Now days I have no problem correcting others about my name and I take it seriously. If someone truly can’t pronounce your name, they will ask you. When you allow others to butcher your name, you’re also allowing them to treat your name as if it has no value.

How do you feel when others intentionally mispronounce your name?

Lesson #8: If people can’t respect you enough to pronounce your name, they don’t respect anything else about you.

Carriece Jefferson


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