Radio Personality Ngozi Thomas


~ One of the things I loved most meeting Ngozi was her direct attitude towards who she is and what she wants to do. She is a woman of many talents, from radio personality, stage director, photographer, and author. Ngozi’s stage play “Me and My Girlfriend” is hitting Atlanta, Georgia October 6th-9th. Me and My Girlfriend is about the leverage shift of a power couple behind the scenes of what many people see as perfect. Ngozi is not afraid to discuss sexuality and sex and she is a proud supporter of the LGBT community. Just getting a glimpse of her personality, I’m sure being the co-host of The CL Smoov and The Bev Brooks Show that she brings diversity, culture, personality and much more. During our interview Ngozi said, “As long as you have breath, you can start.” Those words are true, but many do not understand the meaning behind that saying. There are many people who believe that it is too late to start or they fear to start because of unknown reasons. The truth is the only way to start is with you, so if you have not pushed yourself to start, you will never begin anything new. Her words are truly inspirational. I had a great time interviewing Ngozi. To find out more about Ngozi and her career, check out the links below.

MJ’s Words: Ngozi has a great personality. I enjoyed learning about how diverse she is. She is a woman of many talents and gifted at each one of them.


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