Miami Experience

Last month my husband and I celebrated our eighth year anniversary in south Florida.

One of the things we do on each trip is to mix tourism with locals.

Not only does Miami have a good public transportation system it’s also clean and quiet. Since the hotel we were booked at has an airport shuttle, we used it to get us to the airport, bought a daily pass (cost only $5.65), and commuted around town by rails and buses.

Depending on the destination public transportation is better than car rentals because you’re exercising, seeing things outside of tourist attractions, and blending in with locals.

Another thing we do on vacation is avoid dining at restaurants we have back home (even though my husband was curious about the whopper bar at a  South Beach Burger King).

We had conversations with people from Bahamas, Cuba, Haiti, and Puerto Rico. They all had incredible stories to share and were grateful that we were willing to listen. Whenever we asked directions (local areas and tourist spots), people gave them without hesitation.

During our stay, we went over to South Beach, Sunny Isles (Little Moscow), CoCo Walk, Biscayne Bay, Downtown Miami, Diamond District, Art District, and finished with riding the ‘Millionaires Row” Cruise.

Added bonus: We won a free trip to anywhere in the world and because the car service was an hour late, we were given two trips costing us nothing except the taxes…..what a way to go out with a bang on your anniversary trip!

Miami in a nutshell: sexy, pretty, fun, trendy, reserve, colorful, a playground for the rich, real estate driven, semi-island culture, has neighborhoods semi modeled after Haiti and Havana, health industry focused, and known for its art and the University. One thing I will say is that the Miami Heat couldn’t have a more appropriate name for their team. We were soaking wet walking around in Miami in eighty degree weather.

To say we had a blast would be an understatement.

Carriece Jefferson


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