Best Selling Author Tajuana Ross


~ How awesome is it to be a LinkedIn coach? Tajuana Ross is a LinkedIn coach,  social media and business coach, and #1 Best selling author. Her book, “Class Is Now in Session; Your 21 LinkedIn Questions Are Now Answered” teaches business professionals how to utilize social media as a professional. Tajuana’s expertise on the social media platform has helped many professionals boost their knowledge on what to do and what not to do as a professional on social media. She recently celebrated her two-year anniversary  as a business owner. Besides being a bestselling author and coach, she has a podcast called “The LinkedIn Professor.” The LinkedIn Professor answers all of your LinkedIn questions and gives you insight on the best way to use it.  It was intriguing to learn how brave and direct Tajuana was by telling others to “get over themselves.” She said our self-talk  is bullshit. As she mentioned during our interview, “If I am not using the word bullshit, then people worry. “Build everything that you love into your business,” quoted Tajuana. I find this quote meaningful because I do believe that what you do in life should be what you love. Tajuana’s overall goal is to not only teach in business and social media, but to teach people how to get over themselves. Stop living with the bullshit. She believes we should stop with the negative talk. I agree. I was impressed by her expertise and I enjoyed our interview. I recommend her services to all professionals. To find out more about Tajuana, click on the links below.




The LinkedIn Professor

MJ’s Words: Tajuana’s interview for my blog was great. I enjoyed the valuable information that we discussed. Great interview.


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