Knowing Your Why

I’m going to be quite candid and tell you that getting a business from startup phase to growth stage is hard. What’s harder is I have two entities in two different industries.

Recently I had a “mini meltdown” where I questioned, blamed, cried, and complained. I wanted to walk away, throw in the towel, turn my back on all my dreams and just settle. “I can’t do this anymore”, “It’s not making enough money”, “I’m stuck”, “My business isn’t doing well as others”, and my favorite “I tried everything and nothing has happened” all took residence in my mind until I made a trip to the desk area and read aloud the sign listing my “whys”.

The problem was me.

I tried serving two masters equally when there’s only one servant!

I asked myself these two questions: Which business will produce the most income? Which one will get me closer to the bigger picture?

Here’s a revelation: Every time I go on a temporary rant, I’m either led to meeting someone who can help get the business to an upward direction or I receive an inspirational email from someone!

Running a business is a living, breathing thing. Just like babies need to be fed, clothed, changed, clothed, burped, and put to rest, so does your business.

  1. Fed your business with the proper labor force, partnerships, vendor relationships and professional development.
  2. Change in business is essential when industry trends and preferences change.
  3. Clothe you business with plans, strategies, implementation, finances, a reputable brand, and sound business model.
  4. Burp your business of anything hindering your business from growing.
  5. Rest your business by conducting staff retreats, reviewing financial reports, operation evaluations, and measurements of other performance indicators.

Your why is the reason you get up and make things happen in your business. Your why will get you through those “meltdown” moments you experience. Some of my whys are: to live a debt free lifestyle, create jobs, to go from employee to full time entrepreneur, and to use current vehicles to get to the main avenue.

What is your why? How do you stay motivated? How do you gain momentum? Share your comments below.

Lesson Learned #6: Once you know and understand your why, it will get you through the tough times, not your passion.

Carriece Jefferson


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