Alicia Keys #nomakeup Movement


~ Today I am inspired by one of my favorite singers, Alicia Keys, and her‪#‎nomakeup‬ movement. Attached is a photo of me without makeup and no edits. I just took the shot where I was sitting. The girl you see in the photo is Myeka. I’m no other person but myself and I love everything about Myeka. I hold many titles and I am proud of myself. I work hard because at one point I didn’t have the opportunity to work hard, so I created my own opportunities. One of the hardest lessons I had to learn and still struggle with today is that no matter how much you love yourself, the world we will never love you the same. Despite life’s pressure to be perfect, I have found that being perfect means knowing who you are and living it. Each day I wake up and work hard to accomplish my goals. Each day, I am also turned down, doubted, talked about, lie to, misunderstood, judged, and many more things; BUT because my resilience is fire, I bounce back and keep going. I’m already where I want to be. Now, the goal is to become even better. Thanks Alicia Keys for what you stand for. Thanks for being an inspiration. #nomakeup ‪#‎nofilter‬‪ #‎aliciakeys‬


3 thoughts on “Alicia Keys #nomakeup Movement

  1. Myeka great blog post. I love what A. Keys is doing with the #nomakeup movement. As women we need to embrace our natural beauty. Your photo looks amazing and no one will love us like we love ourselves, which is why we have a responsibility to be good to self!


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