When Free is Enough


Most entrepreneurs will agree that running a business takes time, effort, patience and money.

  • Have you offered a product/service at a discount or free because people weren’t buying right away?
  • Have you added more free things to your service than normal just to make a sale?
  • How many emails or social media invites have your received from businesses asking to opt-in for freebies (join mailing lists, enter contests, webinars, day challenges, introductory calls, etc.)?
  • How many of them have you participated in?


Here’s why accepting every freebie isn’t a good thing:

  • Freebies are only offered as an opportunity for new prospects to see the value in goods/services
  • In order to grow a an entrepreneur and better service the business, you have to make an investment at some point
  • “trying before buying” is temporary
  • Sampling every freebie hinders growth because you’re always at square one
  • If you have a free mentality, you will attract likeness
  • You don’t want to be known for residing on cheap circle and free street
  • Free mechanism leads to entitlement of premium services/goods for FREE
  • If you’re discounting often, consumers will assume that’s regular business practice
  • If consumers feel your pricing is too low, they won’t buy

Lesson Learned #4: You can’t reach mogul status with a free and discount mindset

I want to know your feelings about this blog. Feel free to comment.

Carriece Jefferson


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