Own Your Pulpit

Contrary to the word pulpit being part of the title, I’m not speaking of the podium that you would see in a church building. The “pulpit” that I am speaking of is the one thing that you not only do well but others know you are good at it as well.

Too many times we compare ourselves to others and then we start to shortchange ourselves. What happened to running your own race at your own pace?

As a child, I had a yearning desire to draw except I absolutely had no drawing ability whatsoever. Instead of focusing on talents/abilities I didn’t have, I worked the ones that I did. My “pulpit” is all things writing, creative, and business!

Whatever you are good at doing, appreciate the gift and use it to be an inspiration to others. The questions is: What is your pulpit and how do you use it to help others?

Lesson Learned #3: Your pulpit is special because it’s custom made for you.

Carriece Jefferson


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