Not Trusting Your Gut

Have you ever been around people or in certain settings and something just wasn’t right but you couldn’t pinpoint the problem?


What about the times where the signs were there, the alarms went off, and others forewarned you but you chose to go against the grain so to speak?

Rather one or both applies to you, the bottom line is that you didn’t follow your instinct. I’ve been guilty of the same thing plenty of times. Not trusting my gut lead to poor decision making when it came to romantic interests, friendships, career choices, and financial purchases.


Afraid of saying no, concerned about rejection, being over sympathetic towards others, and not wanting to be viewed as offensive were the main factors.After getting the same results (heartache, disappointment, regrets) over and over again is when I realized emotional driven decisions are only temporary fixes. Usually when your gut feeling tells you something, it’s true!

Questions to ask when making sound decisions:

  • Will your decision work in the short or long run?
  • Does a person’s action align with what they are verbally communicating?
  • Does it sound too good to be true? (Especially when everything appears perfect)
  • Who benefits from the decision the most?
  • Are you applying emotion or logic behind your decision?

Lesson #2: Trust your Gut!

Carriece Jefferson


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