Donna Smith Bellinger – Coach-Author-Motivational Speaker


❤ As I was interviewing Donna, her story inspired me in many ways. Donna is an awesome example of perseverance. Many people don’t allow their circumstances to empower them, but Donna did. At a young age, Donna realized that life isn’t what she expected it to be and had to grow up quickly. She had no idea of what she would become, but she didn’t allow herself to not become at all. Donna is the author of, “You Lost Me @ Hello.” In her book she explains the importance of knowing your value, embracing your differences and your goals and creating a conversation focused on giving more than receiving as a brand or business. Her book is a result of how she went from taking orders to giving orders.

Donna is a business consultant who helps with improving sales and growing capital for business owners. Donna Smith Bellinger has spent more than 25 years in her career, leading, training and coaching high-performing and high-integrity sales teams to boost revenue, work together efficiently, generate leads, up-level customer service and achieve consistent cash flow, using her 5-step “Donnatize to Monetize” process. She is a coach, motivational speaker, and author whose goal is to help you and your business grow. As she stated during our interview, “You are not your story.” To find out more about Donna, click on links below:

❤  Website


MJ’s Words: Donna’s interview was one that motivated me to keep working hard for what I want despite how hard it gets or how impossible it may seem. She is a great example and I had a wonderful time interviewing her for my blog.



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