Kenya Catlin – Coach, Author, and Motivational Speaker

IMG_3386-2❤ How important is your health to you? Eating healthy and exercising are important factors in staying healthy.  Nutrition triumphs exercise in that the foods you put in your body dictate your ability to function mentally and spiritually as well as physically.  Nutrition is the common denominator.  Certified Holistic Health Coach Kenya Catlin agrees. She mentioned during our interview how important health is to living a good life.Everything in life takes a back seat to health,” says Coach KENYA. Many people do not understand the importance that nutrition plays in their personal health portfolio.  

Bad health diminish communities. Kenya Catlin is the Chief Wellness Officer of BODY DIVINE. BD provides a comprehensive approach to wellness focusing on chronic illness, weight loss, and healthy eating. Her book titled, What’s Food Got To Do With It: A Love Letter to Americans discusses the connection between nutrition, self-love, and the community. Health coaching offers a wide variety of career opportunities just as technology did nearly twenty years ago.   If you are interested in improving your own personal health and the health of others (and getting paid for it) contact me through her web address for more info at

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My Words: It’s great to meet and talk to others who believe in the same things as you. I had a great time discussing mental stability and health and their importance.



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