Dero DeFrance


Name: Dero DeFrance

Location: Chicago, IL – Complex 2010 Studio

❤Music Artist❤Poet


Dero Defrance’s personality speaks for itself. Which makes sense, of why he is so lyrical. He isn’t your typical artist. He uses music in the form of poetry. Influenced by the music his dad listened to while he was around, he began to love the art of music. At an early age, Dero discovered that music had influenced his future. Dero Defrance was born and raised in Chicago, the Humble Park area. At age 22, Dero is making a name for himself.

Our interview took place at the Complex 2010 Studio in downtown Chicago. One of the main reasons behind his hustle is his three-month-old son who he adores. Dero mentioned that he doesn’t take life for granted, so complaining is not an option. Someone always has it worse, says Dero. His life struggles are put into his music, which he considers poetry, not rap because of the passion behind his reality. Dero has a new single coming out called, Savages. He plans to release more songs that describe who he is to the world.

His advice to teens: “Do what you love. Always walk in love and stay in love.” – Dero 

MJ’s Words: My interview with Dero DeFrance was very relaxed and deeply spoken. I can tell that he is passionate about is work.

Social: Twitter: DeroDefrance
Instagram: DeroDefrance
SoundCloud: Dero Defrance


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