Name: Chi-Brown

Location: Chicago, IL



Chi-Brown’s many talents influences many. He is an Author, Poet, Comedian, and Actor. His new book, “Cry Now, Laugh Later,” pushes not only his talent as a writer, but also the love, the world, and giving back. Laughter is the the best penicillin, says Chi.I strongly believe discovering your purpose begins with knowing who you are. Once your purpose is discovered, you start to realize your true potential. Chi mentioned during our interview that he encourages other to “use up their potential.” I have to agree that the statement is a powerful.

Chi-Brown’s brand, Chi-Brown, represents poetry, comedy, and drama (acting). His brand inspires others to express their talents through writing, acting, and by being funny. He plans to expand is brand through merchandise, books, and many more ways that he feels could reach others. Chi mentioned that “Life puts an obstacle in front of you. Many people don’t take the risk and others go through the obstacle. Those few people who decided to take that risk end up with black eyes, scars, and other things (figuratively speaking), but at least they took the risk.”

His advice to teens: “Don’t believe everything you see on TV.” – Chi

MJ’s Words: I had such a great time with Chi-Brown. He represents his brand very well. He is talented and can inspire many with his talents.

Social Media: Chi-Brown

Events: “Cry Now, Laugh Later” release party.



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